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J. Franklin, J. Kandaleena

Karunya University (INDIA)
This research aims to measure the Impact of Branding in Higher Educational Institutions. If you don’t build a Brand as quickly as possible, someone else may take the position that you want. These words of Donald, a Brand Strategist, are just a hard fact but it reveals the reality that they are worth a lot of money for any Institution. On the other side Higher Education is also widely deemed and considered as a great national asset. In this research paper we aspire to measure the impact of Branding (Institutions asset) in Higher Educational Institutions (National Asset).

Based on the recommendations of extant research, the scale constructed to measure the impact of branding in Higher Educational Institutions with special reference to the Engineering Institutes in Tamilnadu, South India. It includes the signals/attributes of education brand and the impact is measured through its different set of items. The present study used a sample of 300 students from different parts of Tamilnadu (Stratified sampling method). Linear Regression modeling is used to measure the impact of branding across six signals of education branding.

It is clearly proved from the results of the analysis that Branding has an ideal impact on Indian Higher Educational Institutions