A. Frank, P. Kumar, H. Noronha

Middle East College (OMAN)
Applying technology in education has become an important part of learning. E-learning is electronic education technology. It comprises of digitization approaches, components and delivery methods. For a prodigious learning experience e-learning content encompasses of media in numerous forms viz. text, audio, images, animation, and streaming video that is embedded extensively. Thus fostering of an E-learning authoring framework and authoring e-learning content development are a challenging task. Incorporation of an organized and structured content, establishing of relations and linkages between the structured contents, facilitating user authoring environment for information retrievals, and designing interactive user interfaces for easy content managements ensures a complete development of user centric e-learning framework. This paper identifies the e-learning content development challenges from the authoring perspective by clearly defining various components of the authoring framework. The approach has an architecture comprising of several layers. The concept explores the user interface development, control panel integration, and content organization from the user’s paradigm. Further, the proposed method also explores the future possibilities and the scope of study on collaborative e-learning content development and integration.