This teaching innovation project was developed with the objective to incorporate the problem-based learning methodology (PBL). Students were assigned to create a walkway between two buildings. This assignment included the following: structural, economic and environmental analyses. The aim was for students to obtain a comprehensive and cross-curricular experience. The so-called “Walkway Project” was assigned as a single project (group project) to teams consisting of four students (cooperative work). The activity was designed as a bidding process: the basic requirements being the same for all the teams (maximum and minimum dimensions, location, loads, etc.). Students were also required to present a final report and defend their project in front of the other teams. Their final report had to include the different options the team had examined, as well as their proposal, including blueprints, and economic and environmental evaluations (generated CO2 emissions). These tasks were completed with the help of a computer calculation tool, CYPE, and specific databases of costs and environmental impact. Upon completing this project, students manifested their largely positive reactions and feedback through a survey that was conducted as part of this teaching innovation project. Results in the survey shows that participation totaled 92.11%, with the Walkway Project receiving 4.47 points out of 5. While change and innovation may be time-consuming, we strongly believe in the proposed methodology and aim to continue improving and incorporating new projects similar to that described herein. Professors’ job satisfaction also increases when they work with highly-motivated students, as opposed to their level of satisfaction when implementing more traditional lecture-style classes. And furthermore, cooperation among educators and integrating components from the business sector also enriches the teaching-learning process. And considering that group work plays a key part in an engineer’s professional reality, this project will continue to be implemented in future courses wherein special priority will be placed upon the group-work aspect. The PBL tasks were complemented by a set of problems which students were assigned to solve on an individual basis.