F. Forzani Borroni, D.G. Papi

Politecnico di Milano (ITALY)
In this contribution we develop the raw basics of PF semantic networking, as a representation technique for culture-related issues and we also show the link between this research topic and education.

PF networks have the same basic structure of any standard semantic net - they are made of "places" and "arcs" - and the architecture oriented applications are a starting point for a new method which is a privileged link with architecture analysis, allowing to keep in the same systematic organization several elements belonging to different environments (e.g. authorship, history, manufacturing, construction, design) through the simple procedure of connecting different places with unoriented arcs.

Thence, PF networks have revealed to be a precious contribution to the architectural representation didactics, and they have been successfully used in the School of Architecture of Politecnico di Milano in the last two academic years.