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F. Forzani Borroni, D.G. Papi

Politecnico di Milano (ITALY)
The Architectonical forms can find correspondances in other creative environments. Classic categories, such as the Vitruvian ones: utilitas, firmitas, venustas, can be considered as relevant in visual arts, music and cinema too; this gives us the chance to set a new platform for advanced didactics of architecture representation. Thence, cultural and technical issues are taught using concepts and references coming from different disciplines, according to exact choices, made to vehiculate some specific content.

So, the real novelty doesn't lay in the direct link with visual arts, or in the relationship with their theories, both widely explored for long in the renaissance and again in recent times, starting from the Bauhaus School experience, but it can be identified in the joint structure among architecture, movie making, music, dance and other performative arts. In this paper we give an account of the results that have been obtained in a university level course at the School of Architecture of the Politecnico di Milano by using this parallel logic system for teaching Architectural Representation techniques.