A. Flores, V. Medel

Universidad de Talca (CHILE)
This paper describes a web application that aims to achieve the systematic administration of various statistical indicators related to the social vulnerability of each of the communities of the Maule Region, Chile. The application provides a tool that allows the SECREDUC (Maule’s Regional Secretariat of Education) to capture information collected from data generated at the education offices of the Region. The collected information is displayed geographically, making it easy to identify geographical areas with increased social vulnerability. The gathered information is particularly useful since the SECREDUC is the Governmental department responsible for regulate and supervise the implementation of the educational policies in the establishments belonging to the Chilean’s education system. In fact, the SECREDUC is responsible for design, regulate, evaluate and monitor the implementation of policies, plans and educational objectives and the cultural development; propose and implement educational programs; implement, monitor and evaluate the improvement of education programs. To achieve its purpose, the SECREDUC requires periodic and current information provided by each of the local education offices. The information obtained is introduced to the information system to summarize the data, which will be used for analysis, studies and generation of new or modification of existing education plans. Therefore, the developed application aims to concentrate statistical data on social vulnerability of the Maule Region in a way to have consistent and up-to-date information to be used for various studies and analyses carried out by the Ministry of Education. The developed application has enabled the Maule’s Secretariat of Education to improve its decision-making processes. At the operational level, the tool facilitates analysis multivariable, allowing the identification of correlations and trends in the analyzed social indicators. In addition, the system displayed geographic information through the deployment of maps marking the social situation through the Region. The application has been developed with a web orientation, and stands out for its simplicity.