T. Fernández Reyes

CADIS is a center of learning and talent promotion for gifted children from 0 to 18 years old, interested in enriching the student learning experience. The center has been dedicated to research and the development of specific intervention programs for students with intelligence high abilities since 1996.

The center offers cognitive programs specifically designed for students with high intellectual capability in extracurricular and curricular level. It also collaborates with schools in training programs, enrichment programs implementation and professional counseling. The center is located in Seville (Spain), and serves more than 300 children in specific programs to all students with high intellectual abilities (giftedness, simple talent and complex talents)

The various programs carried out by CADIS are designed by the technical team of our center and offers a high degree of autonomy to its students.

One of the key features in the development and implementation of these programs is the use of innovative methodologies. We are focus on adapting the programs to each student and their capability. To do this, we work in the culture of thought through routines of thought (Visible Thinking) and critical and creative thinking (Thinking Skill); cooperative learning, to enhance the positive interdependency and individual responsibility, problem-based learning (PBL) and the case method and learning and service (Service Learning). Another principal aim of the program is arts education, in which the artistic thinking is based on Project Zero and visual thinking; and finally one of the great object of the cognitive enrichment programs of CADIS Center are based on working projects, from projects understanding of Multiple Intelligences, through intelligent and research projects to the "Mentor" programs and workshops.

We are focus on catering to these students several specific programs that are designed by the technical team of CADIS center, composed by a huge range of specialists in Intellectual giftedness. Among the various programs, we highlight the "Imogene Program" very focused on profile of gifted children as well as many different interests that often motivate these students in specific work. In addition, this program is related with projects only in the field of creativity as the so-called "Exploring Creativity through Visual Arts" or the monograph "Exploring the creativity and literary narrative"; programs "Robotics" and "Programming" The trainings are geared to students who often have a more technological profile, in which the logical, mathematical or spatial reasoning predominate. The "Stimulation Mathematics" program is aimed at students who have a very strong and specific interest in the topic and want to go further in this course.

These programs serve a strip of age between 6 and 12 years and from this age "Bright Team" program, based on projects of social entrepreneurship, to process of designing, launching and running new business ideas.

Finally, CADIS has been adapting all the activities to a new perspective in education and research. Consequently, the teacher as a mediator is a facilitator of the complex learning relations and communication, self-help, support and advice, guidance and cooperation. Our aims is provide opportunities of learning in an enrichment environment using innovative methods of teaching and incorporate active learning and new technologies to improve capacity and quality in our high-demand courses.