As part of the celebration of the bicentennial of the beginning of the independence of Mexico, and the centennial of the beginning of the Mexican revolution in our country have carried out a series of festivities that allude to these beginnings. In this project citing a bicentennial book, by the Secretary of Public Education (SEP), who is the highest authority that governs us in public and private schools of all levels of education in our country. The aforementioned book is called "Building History", from which was taken as relevant for inclusion in our project is the realization of a digital edition produced in a multimedia software called Macromedia Flash 8. And this we call for its acronym in Spanish: LVBAH, (Bicentennial Virtual Book ”Building History"). And it did so it can be used as teaching support material for an elementary school in our town, is the José María de Yermo y Parres. It was used in the multimedia classroom of this institution, because it has a computer and a video projector, to be of great help and support to teachers delivering the course of history, so they seek to make more dynamic class which is achieved by implementing virtual teaching materials as LVBAH, (Bicentennial Virtual Book ”Building History").
Was the development of the application, part of the core user of the same that the students who are children between 6 and 12 years. And whose characteristics are considered, because it seeks to promote reading, with these visual aids through the use of the computer. And they are adding more short texts and images, also pass sheet effects. Each image has been referenced to the topic will be developed in the book, and most importantly if the reader wishes to delve into a particular topic, just simply click on the image to a hyperlink on the web, where develop in detail the issue.
The last phase will be implemented is hosted on a server, the software that users can access this project from any location with Internet access.