I. Fernandez, R. Ansola, J. Aguirrebeitia, E. Veguería, S. Plaza, M. Abasolo

University of The Basque Country (SPAIN)
The aim of this work is to describe an educational methodology for the development of Final Degree Projects (FDP) based on the Motostudent competition in the frame of mechanical engineering schools. The implantation of the new undergraduate and master programs in the Bologna framework establishes the obligatory nature to finish studies with the Capstone Project. With the adaptation to the European Higher Education Area, the FDP has acquired a new and different dimension in most technical or experimental careers. This final project shapes the last work that it is necessary to present before concluding the cycle of Degree and begin on the labor market or continue the formative stage in the cycle of Master. To finish undergraduate training of Degree, the student must integrate and apply -with professional, creative and innovative criterion- the theoretical competencies and practices acquired along the Degree, and give efficient solution to the problems that arise from it. The methodology proposed in this project will offer an attractive list of the possible topics among which students can select one for the production of their work, where the goal is to design, manufacture and evaluate a racing motorbike prototype. The Motostudent competition, a challenge between University Student teams among all Europe and worldwide Universities, is promoted by the Moto Engineering Foundation. This competition itself represents a challenge to the students. They will have to prove their creativity and innovation skills to directly apply their engineering skills against teams from other universities. The design of the different parts and mechanical elements of the vehicle requires the knowledge and application of many subjects learned by the students during their lectures at the engineering school (strength of materials, mechanisms theory, manufacturing processes, etc.). The design, manufacturing and testing of these elements are proposed here as potential topics that can be offered to a large number of students so they can produce their own Final Degree Projects. It is important to emphasize the multidisciplinary aspect of the proposed methodology, that will lead to an improved personal and academic development of the student. Although the Final Degree Project requires and individual effort, the procedure described here promotes teamwork, group discussion to find a solution to raised problems, questioning of the validity of the theoretical aspects, etc. The authors of this paper will act as tutors of the proposed projects, guiding to the student in the process of production of their FDP, as well as certifying the quality of the results obtained. Some of these teams will have also the chance to take part in the competition race during specific competition days at the MotorLand Aragón facilities and put their creativity and innovation capacity to the test, showing their ability as future engineers, against those of other teams from all around the world.