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J.M. Fernández, C. Morón, E. Tremps, C. Viñas, B. Blasco, G. Ignacio, A. García

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, E.U. Arquitectura Técnica (SPAIN)
The present study is to contrast the academic results obtained by the students of Physical Mechanics (subject taken in the academic year 2010/2011) of the new Bologna plan of ‘Building Engineering’ with those of the first four-month period of Physical Foundations (subject taken in the first course of the academic year 2009/2010) of ‘Arquitectura Técnica’; both degrees are offered by the EU Arquitectura Técnica- Polytechnic University of Madrid. The analysis of the comparative study is liable as the content of the mentioned subjects is similar; however, the assessment method is different and there is a major use of innovative educational resources in the subject of Physical Mechanics, following Bologna methodology recently imposed in the UPM degrees. The main objective of the present study is to verify the success or failure of the innovative resources that can be reflected in students that achieve the proposed aims described in the educational guide.
The comparison of both subjects is based on the coefficients that measure the academic performance according to “Regulation of the systems of evaluation in the formative processes linked to the titles of degree and university master with plans of study adapted to the R. D. 1393/2007”, approved by the Government Board of the Polytechnic University of Madrid on 22nd July, 2010.