A.M. Fenz

Skills International GmbH (AUSTRIA)
Create – Share – Grow - Linkup is an Erasmus+ project aiming to enhance the learning mobility of staff engaged in adult education. Staff members of Skills International GmbH, Austria take part in the staff training in UK at Joanna Pinewood Education Limited in London in order to foster skills and competence in using and creating video explainers about European Union and cohesion policy.

‘We were in six. Now we are 28.’ Europe has been celebrating 60 Years Treaties of Rome in 2017. The enlargement of the EU has been a successful process over the past years creating partnership between European countries and linking up European citizens. With the EU referendum in the United Kingdom and BREXIT this process has come to a new phase.

The course is structured as a mixture of indoor and outdoor training activities to collect materials for the video explainers to form the basis of new digital educational content. Explaining what is the European Union, its history and its role in Europe has also become a key issue for promoting integration and values to the citizens in Europe as well as globally and in the framework of German language trainings for refugees in Austria. Skills International GmbH has been providing a large number of onsite and online training courses in the area of European Union affairs across Europe over the past years.