O. Fedotova1, V. Latun1, E. Platonova2, I. Okuneva3

1Southern Federal University (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
2Moscow Pedagogical State University (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
3Moscow University for Industry and Finance “Synergy” (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
In the transition to a higher technological structures there is the change of requirements for the workers with particular specialization and skill level. In the system of their vocational training new educational technologies are actively used. Some of them may have a dual purpose. On the one hand, they contribute to improving the quality of education by ensuring the effectiveness of mastering the content of the training material. This is due to methodical rationality of decisions. On the other hand, they can be used for self-presentation of the future employee in the labor market. E-portfolio treats such technologies. The specificity of this technology is an alternative approach to the evaluation of educational achievements. Student initiative forms the content of the portfolio, rather than waiting for the external evaluation of his performance.

Problem Statement:
Based on the study of content of well-known information databases:
1) to determine what is the qualitative features of E-portfolio assessment technology in the research of modern theorists;
2) to determine which aspect - education or advertising - is the primary subject of scientific discourse in the XXI century in different countries.

Methods and source base research:
Empirical sources of research are data on scientific publications posted in information bibliographic databases Scopus and the Russian Science Citation Index. The methods of research are content analysis, comparison, thesaurus method of interpretation and generalization.

Results and discussion:
Research distribution of publications on the criterion of "Education – Self-presentation" in the array of Scopus database revealed the following. Since 2004, there is an upward trend, fixing attention to theoretical problems of using E-portfolio technology for educational purposes. The results of the research-based distributions in Russian Science Citation Index shows increasing attention of researchers to the application of E-portfolio in order to further employment of graduates.

It concludes on the causes of increased attention to the problem of Russian scientists E-portfolio as a means of self-presentation. One of these reasons is called a dynamic labor market and the need to find higher-paying jobs.