E. Fautsch, S. Granados

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Departamento de Matemáticas, Facultad de Química (MEXICO)
An undergraduate Chemistry and Chemical Engineering applied Ordinary Differential Equations Sample Workbook is presented here.

Based on the solving problems oriented learning, this textbook develop a general strategy for modeling several simple dynamic processes through ordinary differential equations, as first and second order chemical reactions, mixing in tanks, continuous stirred tank reactors, oscillatory mechanical and electrical systems, velocity and acceleration (classical mechanics).

One of the first objectives is, as the mission of the Mathematics Department of the Chemistry Faculty of National Autonomous University of Mexico, contribute to the formation of chemistry professionals providing a solid foundation base and enable them to apply mathematics in solving problems and developing models to describe phenomena related to their profession.

The present sample workbook is designed to be used by Chemistry students who approach for the first time the systematic study of ordinary differential equations.

The experience obtained after teaching this subject for several years in the Chemistry Faculty of National Autonomous University of Mexico, persuaded us that in spite of the availability of different excellent textbooks already published, none of them cover the practical approach required by our students.

The proposal of this book is focused on shortening the exposition of theoretical foundations of ordinary differential equations, in order to increase the time dedicated to pose, build, solve and discuss mathematical models of diverse dynamic phenomena which the students will learn and face, to solve problems related with several subjects of the degree curricular maps offered in this Faculty.