J. Fatzinger, G. Seiler

Metropolitan State University (UNITED STATES)
If teaching ever was a profession one could master and practice for a lifetime, without acquiring new skills, that ship has sailed. Continuous improvement, a cornerstone of the quality movement, is no longer just an opportunity; it has become an obligation of the teaching profession. Even for subjects whose theory has remained relatively unchanged, the way in which content is delivered has been and will be impacted dramatically by the relatively recent but ever more rapidly evolving possibilities afforded by technology. "What we teach and how we teach it are inextricably linked and very much dependent on one another" (Weimer, 17). The Teaching Academy, an innovative and invaluable forum for inspiring excellence in teaching and learning, has helped adjunct and resident faculty alike embrace new ways to engage the adult learner, conduct stimulating discussions that reflect higher-level critical thinking skills and assess outcomes in ways that are both valid and mutually satisfying. The Teaching Academy can provide new and experienced faculty with the skills and tools to help them develop their teaching skills and quality. The challenge of inspiring excellence in our teaching and learning may be significant but the cost of failing to do so would be far greater.