A. Fanfarová, L. Mariš

University of Žilina, Faculty of Security Engineering (SLOVAKIA)
In the field of environmental security and civil protection is very important to get high priority to the education. University of Žilina in Slovak Republic includes Faculty of Security Engineering, which provides education at all three levels of higher education for members of fire and rescue services, emergency responders, safety and security managers. Young teachers has an ambitious idea about the application of modern and innovative trends in the process of education preparation and training of university students as a future firefighters and security managers. The paper is focused on simulation tools based on virtual and augmented reality connected with related peripherals for the needs of rescue and security services, especially for firefighters. Main objective of the paper is to present different features of simulation technologies and recommend their implementation in the process of lifelong preparation, training and education of the members of Fire and Rescue Services as the new trend for the comprehensive improvement of preparedness and safety of firefighters and rescuers. Authors of paper publish the results of initial research supported by institutional grant of the Faculty of Security Engineering, University of Žilina. Based on research result of comprehensive questionnaire survey, present state analysis and also on requirements of educational level authors propose the new model of simulation tool for firefighter’s education in university environment.