A. Fanfarová1, L. Mariš2

1University of Žilina, Faculty of Security Engineering, Department of Fire Engineering (SLOVAKIA)
2University of Žilina, Faculty of Security Engineering, Department of Security and Safety Research (SLOVAKIA)
The Rescue Services around the world everyday save our lives and contribute to the safer environment in which we all live. They have dangerous work, so the high priority should be placed on their lifelong preparation, training and educational process. Rescuers and firefighters work often in extremely dangerous conditions when they rescue human lives or fight with the lot of threats of crisis situations. Due to these facts the professional firefighters have extremely responsible and strenuous work, in which they easily can failed. The quality of preparation of rescuers to unexpected conditions and circumstances can help to reduce the level of risk of failure. In the field of fire and civil protection it is very important to put the high priority to the education of the members of Fire and Rescue Services. The practice application of modern and innovative trends to the process of preparation, training and education of emergency responders can reduce the level of risk of failure, improve the safety of rescuers and the safety of civil population too.

The authors of the article present the possibility of use of modern simulation tools based on computer software - the applications for the needs of the emergency responders, especially for the firefighters. The authors point out the different possibilities of simulation technologies and recommend their implementation to the process of lifelong preparation, training and education of the members of Fire and Rescue Services as the new trend for the comprehensive improvement of preparedness and safety of firefighters and rescuers. In the article it is also presented the basic research supported with the scheme of institutional grant projects of University of Žilina. In accordance with the results of this research work, the authors suggested the new proposal of simulation model. This model can be used for a designing and programming of serious games and software for educational process of firefighters. It is the first time when the simulation model is projected and realized with active cooperation and support of the Fire and Rescue Services in Slovakia.