M.L. Fabregas Janeiro1, J. Nuño de la Parra2, R. Ramirez Martagon2

1Oklahoma State University (UNITED STATES)
2Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla (MEXICO)
Dual Degree programs are designed to offer undergraduate, master and PhD students the opportunity to earn two degrees in almost the same amount of time required to earn one degree. Dual Degrees are getting very popular, and they could be offered by two universities in the same country, or by two universities in two different countries, what make the degrees earned, bi-national. The requirements of the dual degree programs include taking half of the students’ academic program in one university and half in another university; if the program is bi-national the students have the opportunity to spend time in two different countries, living in two different countries gives the students the possibility of developing their intercultural competence, preparing them to effectively work with people from different cultures. Another advantage of the dual degrees is that students could have the possibility of earning two different dual degrees, for example one in Marketing and Management in Mexico and one of International Studies in the United States. The question is what makes the dual degrees so attractive and what are the challenges the students faced? The research shows that getting two degrees, in two countries is the number one reason to get enrolled in a dual program. However, having an international experience, improving their language skills and meeting people from other cultures are also motivators to get enrolled. The challenges for the students are, the struggle of getting admitted in two different universities, the financial responsibilities, visa requirements and language proficiency.