M.G. Fabregas-Janeiro1, K. Kelsey2, R. Terry2, P. Nuño de la Parra1

1Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (UNITED STATES)
2Oklahoma State University (UNITED STATES)
Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP University) and Oklahoma State University (OSU) have developed a strong international academic relationship since 1992. Both institutions share and understand the importance of educate students to live in a global and multicultural society (Bhawuk & Brislin, 1992). They have developed twenty five Master Dual Degree programs where students have the opportunity to get two Master degrees in two different countries in approximately two years (Fabregas-Janeiro & Nuno de la Parra, 2011). American, Canadian and Mexican students have benefited with this innovative international Master programs. The evaluations they students provided by the end of the programs could not be more positive. Students enrolled in the program see these programs as a true opportunity; the most important benefits the students see in this international programs is the cultural immersion opportunity, language dominance, education in an international learning environment and networking (Brandhorst, 2011).
Due the extraordinary outcomes of the Master Dual Programs, UPAEP University and OSU decided to explore new and innovative opportunities. The College of Agriculture Science and Natural Resources at OSU though the Department of Agriculture Education and the Centro Interdisciplinario de Postgrados at UPAEP University got together in 2009 and decided to offer a Dual PhD program in Agricultural Education at OSU and in Education or Economic Development and Strategic Sectors at UPAEP.