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Y. Ezzatvar1, J. Casaña1, J. Benitez1, S. Pérez-Alenda1, E. Marqués-Sulé1, M. Zarzoso1, R. Aiguade-Aiguade2

1University of Valencia, Department of Physiotherapy (SPAIN)
2University of Lleida, Department of Physical Therapy (SPAIN)
For Physical Therapy undergraduate students, as well as for recently graduated Physical Therapists, it becomes challenging to create their own resume in order to apply for a job or to a student grant. Little information is given about which is the most suitable format and design of a resume for physical therapists, depending on the nature of the job they are applying for. It seems reasonable to use new teaching and learning methods to improve the quality of education, as well as to offer information to future professionals about how curriculum should be created. Thus, the implementation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the process of designing a curriculum vitae, using an online resource which can be used as a guideline and as a resume editor, might be helpful.

Hence, the main purpose of this project is to describe the creation of a new online tool aimed to help physical therapy students and physical therapy professionals to write their own personal resume, and application cover letters, aiding as a guideline to understand which are the most convenient formats depending on the nature of the company or institution for which the individual wants to apply for.

The innovative facet of this project relies on the fact that it exposes the importance of using new technologies for Physical Therapy undergraduate students, and for actual Physical Therapists to be able to write their own resume according to the current needs of different institutions and companies, in order to increase the opportunities of getting a job or a student grant.
keywords: resume, physiotherapy, ict.