J. Etxeberria, K. Santiago, J.F. Lukas

University of Basque Country (SPAIN)
This article lies within the framework of the implementation and use of ICT as a medium of learning in Primary Education. With the aim of enhancing the learning of Basque, Spanish and English languages by school pupils, the Federation of Ikastolas (the cooperative of private schools grant-aided by the Basque Government) created the Ikasys Programme for incorporating the personal computer into the learning of mathematics. The programme was launched experimentally in the 2008/09 academic year. This paper explains the content of the IKASYS Programme and contextualises it, outlining the research undertaken to date in this field and the results thereof. Subsequently, the methodology used for the pilot project is described as well as the results obtained. The system of methodological complementariness, integrating quantitative and qualitative procedures, was opted for. Outstanding amongst these is the fact that students from all the years studied - 2nd, 4th and 6th years of primary school and that participated in the programme, obtained results superior to those of pupils who had not taken part.