J. Esteve-Romero1, J. Peris-Vicente2, J. Albiol-Chiva1, S. Carda-Broch1, M.J. Ruiz-Angel2, M. Esteve-Amorós2

1Universitat Jaume I (SPAIN)
2Universitat de València (SPAIN)
The aim of the laboratory chemistry-related subjects, taught in the first academic year of several grades at the University Jaume I, is to set a first contact with the practical experimentation in chemistry, in order to strengthen the knowledge studied at the theory courses, as well as to introduce the good laboratory practice, student to the work at the chemical laboratory, to correlate the observations with the content learnt in the theory courses, as well as to learn more practical concepts. However, these defined subjects are adapted to the structure, objectives and curricula of each grade. In this paper, a comparison of the course syllabus of the introductory Chemistry laboratory subjects taught in the "Chemistry grade" and in several "Engineering grades" (Agricultural, Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial Technology and Chemical) is detailed. The differences and similarities of the subjects are discussed: general characteristics, justification, semester of teaching, involved teachers, departments and areas of knowledge, structure, content, competences, learning outcomes, number of credits, grouping of students, housework, numerical problems, didactic units and evaluation. The course syllabi of the subjects have been found similar, but they have been adjusted to the interests of the student, the importance of the subject within the whole curricula of the grade and the expected utility in the future career of the students. In both grades, the learning objectives are: the general laboratory material, apparatus and reagents, the basic experimental operations, as well as the work and safety rules. The students must also visualize some physicochemical processes and reactions already studied at the theory courses, as well as correctly observe, annotate and interpret the results. However, in Engineering grade, the subject is too short, and then these objectives are hardly attained. Indeed, the subject is of the utmost importance in the Chemistry Grade, and the acquired background would be useful in upper courses, while in the Engineering Grade, it is a secondary course.