H. Eryilmaz

Anadolu University (TURKEY)
Distance Education System in Anadolu University:
For more than 30 years, Anadolu University has been giving distance education in Turkey. One million 500 thousand students have been graduated from Anadolu University Distance Education System until now. Today, Anadolu University is the world’s second largest university with its 1 million 700 thousand students.

Distance Education Applications in Anadolu University:
In Anadolu University, e-learning method is implemented for the system of distance education. Students of distance education from different faculties take the advantages of this system in which different teaching techniques are designed for each course. Students who have different learning styles can choose the courses which are prepared with the most suitable techniques for students. In e-learning system, there are e-book, e-TV, e-exercise, e-examination, e-advising, e-audio books and e-support. E-books are designed as special books for distance education. Students can reach the PDF data of these books on the internet. E-TV applications and e-Exams are also prepared for these courses. On the other hand, there are e-Consultancy and e-support programs for the students of e-learning program. These facilities provide the students with an atmosphere to ask questions about the courses and get answers to their questions.

Electronic books as an innovative development for distance education:
Every year 5 million books are printed and distributed for the distance education system by Anadolu University in Turkey. 162 editors and more than 650 writers and totally 5 thousand people work for this system. Anadolu University distance education program has students not only from Turkey but also from 30 other countries around the world.
This year, Anadolu University is starting a new book system for distance education. At first step, the books of 150 courses are being published as electronic interactive books on the internet for the year 2013. And it is planned to make all books electronic in three years.The students of distance education system can reach all of the books as a video course on the internet. According to the Rector Davut Aydin, 2.800 books are going to be on the internet as e-Learning materials thanks to this project.