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C. Ervin

Florida A&M University (UNITED STATES)
This workshop focus on research on a major educational phenomena dealing with discipline, interference with leaning, recent research, methods of identification and suggested prevention strategies for cyberbullying. Concrete strategies to assist public school teacher educators, administrators, and parents on identifying cyberbullying and how to prevent the often disastrous consequences will be presented. Preventative strategies implementation will focus on definition of terms: the negative impacts of cyberbullying on quality education; how administrators can develop systems to assist classroom teachers in detecting and eliminating, and networking with parents to detect and assist in eliminating Cyberbyllying. Finally, a discussion of what do we do when the parents are complicit in the acts?

One might wonder what the differences are between Bullying and Cyberbullying. In this age of globalization and internet connective we find the current generation of students use every means available to negatively impact the education experiences of peers in and out of the classroom. These methods, and the messages sent often devastating consequences and sometimes result in serious psychological and actual physical loss of life. Educational administrators and teachers sometime overlook the seriousness of incidences of this type of misbehavior as "oh, they're just playing". The issues are not physical, such as a physical fight, and often go undetected until a child becomes physically or psychologically injured. Then the response is"I didn't know it was that bad, I didn't see it coming".

Parents too sometimes become the culprits in cyberbyllying involving their children when we have involvement, such as the situation in the state of Missouri in the USA where a parent's alleged involvement in pretending to a 14 year old sent damaging e-mail messages to her daughter's 14 year old classmate that the child committed suicide. One might say, "what would cause a parent to do such a thing, and how do we prevent this from happening? In other words. how do we police the impact social media's involvement a child's educational life?
keywords: bullying.