Over the years, there have been several definitions of an entrepreneur but the 21st century definition by Schumpeter is that of innovation which he saw as an engine of economic development. Architectural training in institutions of higher learning entails training of individuals to reason creatively through series of line drawings and ideas generation. This equips prospective students towards blending into the world of construction and contracts administration and without the basic knowledge or skills of engagement, it’s next to impossible surviving the competition. Further equipping the student with entrepreneurial skills makes him more versatile and thus become a Li-ID preneur (Lines-Ideas preneurs) due to his training through lines drawings and ideas generation. This paper investigated the characteristics of the Li-iD preneurs of students in Covenant University, Nigeria. This was done by administering a well structured questionnaire and interviews for proper conclusion on the subject matter from a cross section of students from final year in Architecture and Buisness Studies in 2016-2017 academic sessions. The data collected was statistically analysed with SPSS software and it showed that it was imperative that entrepreneurial skills acquisition was key and fundermental towards business intelligence and making the student better equipped in all round skills acquisition. It also showed that while the Li-iD preneur had acquired skills in line drawings and ideas generation, having an alternative means of livelihood was a giant leap towards economic empowerment and national development. Also, the teaching of entrepreneurial skills should be part of the education curriculum during this formative years of the Li-Id preneurs life.