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H. Elteyab1, A. Ismail2, O.A. Hegazi1

1Alzaiem Alazhary University, Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology (SUDAN)
2Arabian Gulf University (BAHRAIN)
M-learning or mobile learning, described as the ability to provide or receive educational content on personal pocket devices, known as PDAs, mobile phones and smartphones, is in its early stages in relation to both its pedagogies and its technologies. This new approach to learning has also been described as the junction of e-learning, the distribution of instructive knowledge over the Internet with mobile computing using small portable wireless communication and computing devices. M-learning represents a new era in learning and development; it can enhance the education of many young people and offer training for employees who are busy and have no sufficient time for face-to-facer teaching and training. The present paper is mainly intended to explore the current applications of m- learning in higher education and evaluate the future of this powerful technology for learning and training purposes in Sudanese institutions from computer educators’ points of views.