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G. Elsayed Ali Elsamanoudy, A. Fakhri Dawood

The primary role of interior design depends mostly on the success of its ability to make daily life and functional activities easier; its performance is easily accessible to all users including the disabled; concerning international standards and dimensions. It also emphasizes the importance of interior design, especially educational interior space for disabled people with special needs (blind) because of their international standards and various equipment. Here, is the important role of interior design in understanding those special requirements, how to apply them in the educational interior space for the blind, especially in the public libraries, to carry out their activities easily.

Research problem:
The success of any interior design project depends primarily on meeting the needs of users of the interior space, understanding of the requirements and equipment for all the usual activities. Based on international standard measurements and dimensions; and since it is different in the case users of the place with special needs in educational interior spaces for Disabled, Because of their dimensions and requirements need to study and depth in thinking about how the success of life and functional activities by different type of disability. Where the study is currently focused on, the topic of research on blind people. Also, how to meet their needs to carry out their educational activity easily and facilitate within the interior space. We focus here on the points of research libraries for the blind. Also, to create the environment for their movement within the public library for blind space, and the problem is evident in the few specialized studies in the field of an interior design similar to the subject of research to guide as an example of its application.

Research goal:
The research aims to deepen the creation of an ideal environment within educational interior spaces for blind people, to reach recommendations and results to apply international standards — the clarity of the importance of the role of interior design in the success of the educational interior space of the blind. Trying to assemble the needs and special equipment necessary, to carry out their activities easily, and that such information is useful for researchers in the field of interior design for similar projects. Visually impaired people also want access to relevant information in their chosen accessible format. Developing an efficient library service for print-disabled people is extremely important

Research Methodology:
Basing the research approach on the collection, analysis, and application of information was to study and characterize the visual disability of humans through specialists. Studying the standard and international dimensions that blind people need within the educational interior space, and the study of modern techniques that have the potential to be used within the interior design elements and furniture. To facilitate movement within the interior space libraries, also the study of how to infer the blindness to the trends within the library, and what additional activities are needed by the visually impaired within the library space. Applying the necessary standards, needs and modern techniques as an example of the functional program of the blind movement within the library.