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G. Elsayed Ali Elsamanoudy

Ajman University of Science & Technology (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES)
The learning process, in all higher education programs in worldwide universities, depend on several foundations; the professor, the syllabus, the students and the equipments. The efficient professor should be aware to apply researches in the ongoing specialization, to interact with the society’s needs and requirements. In addition to the labor market needs, which will affect his performance and his scientific methodology to guide and explain the syllabus contents. It is supposed that the professor is the main responsible of developing the scientific contents, in order to cope with the rapid developments in all science. He also should support developing the students’ skills and research abilities in the framework of specific program for each specialty. The integration of the foregoing in an optimum environment, such as universities, equipped with appropriate spaces, such classrooms, labs, workshops, updated libraries, and thus clarifies the importance of these pillars in the educational process.

The Research Aims
The research aims focusing on the importance of the professor’ role and his experience and contact the community through the board of trustees – the department’ scientific advisory, consisting of faculties and elected professional. The meetings endow extracting the community problems in order to be explored to the students for further researches studies and projects implementations under guidance of expert faculties, as community interactions.

The Research Problem
The research problem focus on a student research, as an example, based on the Gulf Countries communities needs as attractive countries for foreign workers from wide numbers of nationalities. As result from this condition, the society has built residential complexes and towers to accommodate the large number of expatriate workers. Those residential units are designed as small flats and lofts to fit the needs of the target group as well as commensurate their financial income due to the expensive rental housing prices. Based on a survey, which shows that the largest proportion of newcomers are young and families of three members.

The Research Objectives
Thus the research problem lies on finding appropriates solutions for the interior design of these residential small spaces, where they can easily and pleasantly follow up their lives, as areas for sleeping, eating, receiving, cooking, working or studying according to each individual needs and budgets. It is hard for the unprofessional utilize and finding solutions for such needs within small spaces, to be able to follow up their lives.
The research has identify a sample from different society sectors, in the same living space and same identical loft, having each his/her own requirements.
Thereby the interior design department and students can help communities, through academic and applied researches; it helps, as a student’s training tool, to identify and diagnosing the society problems through analyses and finds appropriate solutions with the supervision of expert faculties within universities - the ideal equipped educational environment.