F. El Hamyani

University of Bahrain, Bahrain Teachers' College (BAHRAIN)
I intend to talk in this paper about the integration of technology and media in teaching and learning Arabic language. I will approach this topic through the example of Bahrain Teachers College at University of Bahrain.
Bahrain is a small Archipelago at the border of Arabia and one of the strategic Gulf States. As all other Gulf countries, Bahrain knows an important reform movement at different levels including education.
Changes in the educational reform process worked faster in many areas of studies, however Arabic did not keep pace with that rhythm. Different factors, which we will explore later, were behind this phenomenon.
To reach the reform’s goals, BTC hired most of Faculties and Staff from western countries; they hired me from USA for their Arabic and Islamic Studies Department. You might wonder why they should bring a Faculty from the States for Arabic in an Arab country. Well, the reason is an attempt to rejuvenate the mentality prevailing in the department of Arabic L& Islamic Stds.

This department had a reputation of locking:
- Technology
- new teaching and learning strategies and methods
- new theories and curricular
- New Classroom management Strategies and techniques
And much more issues that we won’t discuss here.

So, a newcomer needs to alter considerable efforts to understand the situation, analyze it, find gaps and solutions, and then implement changes.

We will explore this progress following the later elements:
1- Exploring the situation and fulfilling urgent needs
2- Investigating factors behind the gap between Arabic and other disciplines?
3- Analyzing all elements
4- Highlighting outcomes and finding solutions
5- Taking action
6- Conclusion and Recommendations

Samples of students’ work and projects will be presented as evidence for the progress achieved in this department.