I. Elexpuru, L. Villardón, C. Yániz

University of Deusto (SPAIN)
One of the key ways to take a closer look at the values of society today and of organisations in the near future is to find out the values of university students, young people and future professionals in different organisations. The actions and decisions made by individuals and organisations are based on values. Therefore, it is vital to analyse and identify them to know the possibilities for personal and organisational development.
This paper presents the results of research carried out with nearly 500 university students enrolled in different degree programmes to find out their priorities, concerns and interests. The research centred on aspects or values which are considered to be vital for individuals and organisations to function, and are applicable to society in general: entrepreneurship, collaboration, autonomy, social commitment and knowledge orientation.

The interpretation of these results has wide reaching implications, both for the light they shed on the values of future professionals as well as the possibilities they offer universities to intentionally foster students’ all round development, ensuring they become active agents in improving organisations and society. Consequently, this study has important implications for Tutoring and Coaching in Higher Education and in Long Life Learning.

This paper forms part of the research project “El desarrollo de valores en la educación superior a través de la Autogestion del aprendizaje” (Reference EDU2009-12883 (subprogramme EDUC), approved by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation via a public call for tenders.