D. Eldardiry1, I. Elghonaimy2

1Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (SAUDI ARABIA)
2University of Bahrain (BAHRAIN)
There is a growing need to address diverse learning styles and various generations of students. For the time being, the media effects in the design process efficiency. Because of the media and the architectural websites; the students can easily access the latest e-resources, use the high technology in their design, and reach the innovative ideas; consequently, it encourages them to rethink and looking outside the box. The innovated ideas and profound philosophies help the students to expand their design thinking.

The researchers assumed that the media and the architectural websites have become the primary tools in the design process and have affected the methodology of thinking of students in graduation design project courses. However, the restriction of the design process in one direction as static phases for the students' graduation projects limit the students' satisfaction and reduce their capability to innovation.

This paper includes a two-stage approach to investigate the role of the media and the architectural websites that affect in manipulating the design studio which is an essential part of architectural education. A theoretical background for the literature provides the impact of social media on students’ performance. Then, the study analyses of the data collection. The paper incorporates two methods of data collection; a questionnaire survey of the instructors for the explanations concerning the design studio methodologies in the course specification that they ask the students to work on it on the graduation architectural design studio, and document analysis of students’ satisfaction on their performance when applying the course methodology on their graduation projects. Consequently, the paper is designed to generate both statistical quantitative and qualitative data. The effect of the media and the architectural websites is checked through the students' performance in through their design process in the architectural graduation projects in College of Engineering, University of Bahrain, relatively to their satisfaction and capability to innovation.