Z. Egozi

Center for Educational Technology (ISRAEL)
The Literacy project is a European wide research project funded by the European Commission in the area of ICT under the FP7 Program. The aim of the project is to create an advanced online portal to support the inclusion of dyslexic youth and adults in society.

The features of the Portal:
• destined to users with dyslexia and other literal disadvantages
• in four languages: English, Hebrew, Czech, Hungarian
• online assessment
• supply of brain trainings
• assistive technologies and tips for effectiveness at everyday life, work and study
• human centered design
• interactive contact within the group of users.

Brain training and materials to cope better with the everyday challenges have been worked out. A carefully developed algorithm provides the background of the personalization.

The personalization means
• real time feedback of the assessment results
• personalized brain training suggestions
• personalized tips for the everyday life
• personalized helpful tool suggestions for the coping with the difficulties.

The development of the Online Portal is based on former research results, moreover the project partners run several research to ensure the usability and effectiveness of the Portal design and quality of the materials.

Our research:
• support the best design for dyslexic users
• proved the higher than usual level creative activity of dyslexic youth and adults
• proved the effectiveness of dyslexic users in the use of the ICT
• proved the openness of dyslexic users to share experiences