K. Dzhurov, H. Beloev, N. Orloev

University of Ruse (BULGARIA)
The development of serious games for creative and innovative training is not so much a creative and professional challenge; it is much more a mission in the contemporary educational system. It results from the demanding need of new didactic technologies for training of the “Y” generation (the young people up to their early 20-ies) – the generation of modern civilization.
The place and the quality of the audio-visual creative products, especially the didactic ones, of artistic, creative and innovative movies, is one of the many specific aspects of this type of serious games.

A team from the University of Ruse, Bulgaria, is presented by this report. The team is doing a research in the area of serious games for creative and innovative training on the following topic: “Pre-visualization – a creative process and realization.”

Previsualization creating

Previsualization represents the planning of process, simulation of process or event. This allows optimization of the process. It is used primarily in complex processes. It makes the thinking of the team smoother. It leads the team in the target direction. Previsualization could save time and money.

Previsualization in the film and advertising soundtrack

In previsualization in the film and advertising music are found a few problems. The solutions of the problems are proposed.
The main Problem - The film music is limited to moving within the frame. The soundtrack describes the visual part - the action. It helps for effect to the viewer. It strengthens or weakens the visual storytelling.
There are different methods for soundtrack previsualization. One of them is using to music from other films over the new movie shots. This can lead to the influence of old soundtrack to the new composition. It can reflect the style and lead to a lack of uniqueness.
Solution – Creating of graphics system (method) which can lead the composer through the process of music writing. This method is designed to provide assistance in communication between creators of visual products and creators of music product.