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F.F. Dueñas-Gaitán, D.F. Peña Garnica, D.A. Cruz-García

Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios (COLOMBIA)
Communication as a field of knowledge in constant definition, it’s at the same time a known – how with the media (technique / practice) and a theoretical and interdisciplinary reflection that overflow the limits of Social Communication as a college career. In that way, the discussion about the tensions between theory-practice and academic knowledge and non academic are crucial to potentiate academic knowledge production. Linked to the above, in Latin America there is a long and rich tradition of projects that make use of communication as a vehicle of social and individual transformation, in fact, authors like Luis Beltrán propose that in our region the reflection about communication started since the practice and just after that from the theory.

Even though the modernity was built from the fact that knowledge production should be objective, now days the contemporary world demands the existencce of hybrid and open spaces that value informal knowledge (Magro & García, 2012). Hence, this initiative of research is design for an active participation of Social Communication students in all stages of the Project and the principal role of the groups as knowledge producers of feminism and communication.

The alternative and community groups of communication produce realities in their territories, they are a media to make visible the violence against women and the search of social transformations. In this way, the Project has as purpose rebuild the work made by alternative and community groups of communication in front of making visible the gender violence in the south Bogota, allowing a space of creation-research for Social Communication students from the biographic space and the intimate sphere of communication.

From a research project design of action-creation the aim is to identify the groups of communication that have experience in making visible the gender violence in the south of Bogota, highlighting experiences that help building new knowledge in the Uniminuto program, invitation three groups to develope a communicative proposal with students from the vice-rectory and publishing in alternative and community media.

So, the purpose is not only investigate about communication but to investigate with the media, to that extent in all the investigation process will do creation-investigation products that will work at the same time as data collection tolls and also as a diffusion of the investigation practice. For the publication it will create a free web page, where it will record the entire research process. It will promote the use of Free and Open Source Software.