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A. Draghici1, L.V. Ivascu1, C.F. Baban2, L. Bacali3

1Politehnica University of Timisoara (ROMANIA)
2University of Oradea (ROMANIA)
3Tehnical University of Cluj-Napoca (ROMANIA)
Today, universities have re-considered the traditional academic roles, and placed them in a broader context as part of its new role in promoting innovation. Based on existing models there has been developed a framework to analyze how universities support their implication and contribution to local economic development. The proposed approach refers to the university-industry collaboration (UIC) based on the knowledge transfer processes in order to increase both their contributions, and influence the socio-economic development at the local level. The preliminary research results have conduct us to the UIC framework representation as an ontology that consists of five dimensions. More detailed, there have been identified and described 57 relevant items for potential UIC that have been considered in order to facilitate the decision-making process when establishing a particular type of contract or project. The main ideas debates in the article are related to the new role of the university in the knowledge-based society; knowledge and innovation transfer processes; the UIC ontology design and development. The paper presents the recent research results that have been obtained through the project: Researches based on Knowledge Management Approach Concerning Industry – University Collaboration in the Open Innovation Context – UNIinOI. This work was undertaken through the Partnerships in Priority Domains Programme-PN II, developed with the support of MEN-UEFISCDI in Romania (project no. 337/2014).