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R. Dorado-Vicente1, E. Torres-Jimenez1, C. Ruz-Casas2, P. Romero Carrillo1, F. Cruz-Peragón1

1University of Jaén, Department of Mechanical and Mining Engineering (SPAIN)
2University of Jaén, Department of Electronic and Automatic Engineering (SPAIN)
Team work skills are appreciated by engineering employers and therefore scholars design group activities where students can train those competences. It is difficult to address the assessment of student team work capabilities, because usually there are not quantitative parameters to measure each contribution. This work shows how a wiki (an application that allows to add web contents to different persons) can aid in group-work evaluation. Our wikis are defined using the web-learning management system ILIAS, because it has a module to create this web applications. This module measures different participation and contribution indexes, and provides tools to analyse the evolution of a collaborative project. After using Wikis applications in an engineering course, we have noted a reduction in the number of student complains about marks, and an increment of student participation in the proposed activities.