A. Domenech, L. Moliner

Universitat Jaume I (SPAIN)
In such a diverse world on a values crisis as ours, University has the responsibility to train students for becaming more analytical, reflective and critical about what surrounds them. These skills are the key in Teaching Degree students because they are future educators of the citizenship. We present an experience that takes part inside the Education Improvement Project "The peer review: a way to learn to be a teacher", funded by the Educational Support Unit of the Universitat Jaume I, and in the context of General Teaching subject . Through it is intended Teaching Degree students to acquire the skills and competencies required to perform self- and peer assessment , considering that assessment not only as an academic content but also as a skill that every teacher need to develop. During a semester, and linked to activities of the subject , we made different practice sessions where students worked on self-evaluation, made evaluation by pairs, constructed assessment instruments and argued and reflected on the importance of evaluation as a learning process. All these practices were evaluated in situ and after that for the teacher and the students. Comments and annotations as well as individual reflective activities for each of the students were conducted . The results were very positive for the student’s learning and because it was an opportunity for them to contribute to the subject and to feel that their knowledge contributed to others’ learning.