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E. Diez Jimenez1, M. Martínez-Muñoz2

1Universidad de Alcalá (SPAIN)
2Universidad de Alcalá, Mechanical Engineering Area (SPAIN)
The cryptography is the science that deals with the technologies to transform a flat text into a ciphered text. It is in use since the writing exists. From the Former Egypt, the man has had the need to conceal information for diverse reasons, not only military reason. This has caused the appearance and development of technologies, increasingly complex, to encrypt information.

The hieroglyphs, Spartan Escítala, coding of Polybus, Julio César, method Atbash, visual cryptography up to the machine Crux German in the Second World War, are methods of coding that are based on the application of mathematical concepts. The learning methodology hereby to approach to math problems by using those previous coding techniques. Real coding machines, coding graphs and tools have been prepared and used by the students. The method is focused on student in mid school courses. After the application of the techniques, students completed a satisfaction survey showing an excellent grade of acceptation of the methodology.

The acquisition of a learning methodology based on scientific questioning, on the recognition of one's own limitations, on critical and reasoned judgment, must be inserted in every development project of the person and collaborate in the formation of a citizen capable of making his own decisions , since it prepares and favors a critical, reasonable attitude.
keywords: math learning.