From the Vice-Rector's Office for Office for the Guarantee of the Quality of the University of Granada, several programs of support directed to the training of the beginner professorship and the improvement of the teaching have been started. The aims of these actions included between others: to stimulate the creation and consolidation of educational stable groups in the centers involved and compromised in the initial formation and training of the new professorship and in the permanent improvement of the teaching. In this respect, in the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Granada, during in the academic course 2009-2010, an educational multidisciplinary team there was created and it was integrated by a group of experienced and beginners professors of different professional categories who include the teaching of the Departments of Physiology, Nutrition and Bromatology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology I, Pharmaceutical and Organic chemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology and Physicochemical, which towards the collaboration, and by means of the reflection, the innovation and the mutual learning between experienced and beginner professors, aims to optimize and improve the educational practice and the quality of the teaching.

Throughout 5 years, our educational multidisciplinary team has carried out the following formative actions directed to the beginner professorship:
1. New undergraduate degrees: agreements between different andalusian universities, coordination of subjects in the study plan focused on the professional area
2. Seminars with specialists of different areas of the pharmaceutical profession: Office of Drugstore, Clinical Analyses, and Hospital Pharmacy.
3. Use of technologies of communication in the educational action: skills in communication, to speak publicly, communication professor - student, the first contact with the studentship.
4. Utilization of new technologies applied to the teaching: platforms of teaching (SWAD, MOODLE), tablet PC, virtualization of subjects, multimedia tools of teaching (Prezi, Limesurvey)
5. Incorporation of active methodologies to the University.
6. Program AUDIT of the ANECA: design of mechanisms to guarantee the quality of the educational programs.
7. Design and evaluation of results of learning in the frame of formation and training for competences: The rubric.
8. Programs of exchange and international mobility to realize stays in foreign centers of learning-education.
9. Directives on the matter “undergraduate degree theses”.
10. Establishment of cycles of improvement: interview of planning, recording, analysis, interviews analysis, global evaluation.

During the 5 years of this educational multidisciplinary team has been consolidated as an educational stable group and is implied and compromised in the constant improvement of the educational practice and quality of the teaching towards the collaboration, the reflection, the innovation and the mutual learning between expert and beginner professor teacher, allowing to raise strategies for the establishment of educational long-term methodologies.