M.A. Dias da Silva1, A. Conceição2, V. Molina2

1Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (BRAZIL)
In recent decades the rise of the tools of information and communication technologies (ICTs) has been notorious. Currently ICTs are an important educational tool and are associated with the development of teaching methods courses in basic and higher education. Given the influence that these tools are currently engaged in several sectors, this project aimed to assess the frequency and manifestations of ICTs that have been employed in the teaching of histology in the Schools of Dentistry of São Paulo - Brazil. The websites of 43 Higher Education Institutions (HEI) were analyzed and only four of them had links to sites of histology. In these sites a narrow range of virtual tools such as hypertext, graphics, quizzes and lessons in electronic formats were found. Later, a questionnaire was sent to 46 teachers of histology of the Universities of São Paulo and the answers were analyzed for the presence or absence of a histology website, mode and frequency of use of ICTs in education, and the value that teacher attaches to these tools. From the responses obtained, it was concluded that teachers who have websites seldom have interactive tools and many of them seem to ignore not only the real representation of interactivity in teaching but also the possibilities of applications of ICTs. However most of teachers recognize the importance of education mediated by virtual tools.