E. Desnica, D. Letic

Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" (null)
Expansion of the use of computers in the field of graphical data processing is permanetly developing. By means of graphical data processing, information can be analysed, controled, modified in dialoque with a computer. In this paper the software package Mathcad was chosen to visualization of a complex variable. Mathcad contains a big number of options, incorporates functions and develops methods for a graphic interpretation of quantified data. Using available techniques and with minor experimenting characteristics for every user, very effective graphic visualizations and their functions in two-dimensional and three-dimensional designs can be achieved.
Mathcad is not exclusively a graphics program. Meanwhile, from the viewpoint of mathematical graphics, it is. Namely, here mathematics is used directly and we communicate with program visually. As with the other modern mathematical programs, here is also realized a fine coupling (linking, connection) with graphics. Nowadays computers process two essential types of graphics: vector and raster ones. These divisions are not exclusive, and it is clear, that one graphic is supplemented with the other. In so wide field as computer graphics is, there are many definitions. It is divided in four mutually connected branches:
Computer graphics. Computer graphics represents art and science of information transfer that are received and reported by calculating. It requires: projecting and construction a model that announces information in the way that enables generating and watching pictures, units projecting and technics. With their heap a person can communicate with model or its projection. Finding methods for presenting models and how to organize theoreths the way images may be saved, belong to computer graphics, too. Its aim is to involve user’s sense of sight, besides the other cognitive sences, into the process of comprehending an object.
Date visualization. Visualization aim is to define and present appropriate, mutually connected structures and relations both in scientific (computer and medical sciences) and in abstract sets of data. Main aim of presentation should be transfer of information from data set in a way which improves understanding. Although actual technique of visualization use only human visual capabilities, the other censor modalities are investigated, too. Here are sound and touch that can help in the process of finding and absorbing information.
Virtual reality. Virtual reality enables user to experience three-dimensional environment generated by computer graphics and perhaps some other sensor modalities, in order to provide environment for better interaction between users and computer created world.
Computer visibility. The aim of computer visibility is realizing features and structure of three-dimensional world on the basis of one two-dimensional image or more of them. Comprehension and practicing of computer visibility depends on essential concepts of computer science. This has also strong relations with scientific branches of physics, mathematics, psychology, law and medicine.
Generally, in computer visibility, in addition to static graphics, is included dynamic graphics, i.e animation, too.