M.V. de Paz, C. Ferris, A. Alcudia

University of Seville (SPAIN)
Despite the improvement in reducing the dropout rates of European students in the University, improving the reduction of dropout in some subjects does not have much success. Why is it crucial to implement a new system for improving education of students in the subject of "Advanced Medicinal Chemistry", fifth year of the Grade of Pharmacy? We are immersed in a context in which our students of the Degree in Pharmacy have low motivation towards chemical-based subjects. When students confronted the subjects for the first time, they thought they "can not".

Our aim is to change the message from "is not possible" to "is possible". For this, we need the involvement of students in their own education and take responsibility for their own learning process. This goal was attempted by a virtual linking between the students and the target through a Learning Contract signed by teacher and student.

What is a Learning Contract? The first instructor to implement the learning contract was Brousseau in 1978. This is a learning methodology which aim is to ensure the involvement of students in their own learning through loyalty, reducing dropout rates. Przesmycki states that "the pedagogy of contract organizes learning situations where there is a negotiated deal, preceded by a dialogue between colleagues who are recognized as such, to achieve an aim, either cognitive, methodological or behavior "(Przesmycki 2000).

Here we resume the results of the project with the participation of 72 students, which joined voluntarily to this research experience.


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