1 Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (SPAIN)
2 Universidad de Córdoba (SPAIN)
About this paper:
Appears in: ICERI2016 Proceedings
Publication year: 2016
Pages: 1703-1711
ISBN: 978-84-617-5895-1
ISSN: 2340-1095
doi: 10.21125/iceri.2016.1381
Conference name: 9th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation
Dates: 14-16 November, 2016
Location: Seville, Spain
The hospitality industry is an expansive sector that is increasing and evolving throughout the years. There is a great competition in the hotel businesses and clients are becoming more demanding. So, there is a big challenge for this companies to make them difference from the rest and throughout this project report it can be seen how relational coordination can make this difference.

The model of relational coordination establishes that there has to be communication and relation between the different participants in the company for the objective of having an integration of tasks. This will create relationships throughout high performance teams that will allow to have shared goals, shared knowledge and mutual respect which will allow the company to have a great performance regarding quality and efficiency (Gittell, 2002). People will work for their own interest in teams but they will also have to work for the interest of the whole team, of the whole company. A high performance team will have greater success than individuality since there are more brains that give greater knowledge, more energy and more help between each other that will make tasks be completed in an easier and smoothly way without fights and selfishness between people and everyone will be taken into account. All the people will fight for a common goal and customers will notice that instantly. This makes a company more valuable and conflicts will also be resolved in a better and easier way too.

However, there is a great process to establish this method and it demands a lot of time and effort. There is a big challenging process establishing a holistic efficient system like this in an organization that is conducted towards a common goal of the company. The objective is to transform individualism into relationships for a high performance and greater efficiency.

Furthermore, we are going to analyze if this model is applied in two of the most important hotels in Spain that are NH hotels and Melia hotels and if it works throughout the relational coordination surveys. These two organizations are highly preferred by the clients and have some characteristics that make them unique but if they put in practice this method their performance will be better and everyone will be satisfied. We are going to see how these companies are different and how they get differentiated with the relational coordination method. Also from this research it can be explained if this is the cause by which some clients prefer these chains and are loyal to this type of organizations. The benefits from the perspective of the employees and from the perspective of the clients are going to be analyzed and also a general holistic perspective of all the benefits that this process has will be shown.
Teamwork, effectiveness, cohesion, organizational routines, quality of Education.