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M. Demir, G. Can

Anadolu University (TURKEY)
Nowadays, social network websites have become an important part of daily lives of individuals. Facebook, that has a wide range of users all over the word, is one of the most popular social networks. Today nearly 31 million people have been using Facebook in Turkey. Although Facebook is commonly used in Turkey, its effects on individuals haven’t been examined adequately in Turkish culture. Especially, according to Self-Determination Theory, it is very important to investigate the relationship between Facebook using and basic psychological needs (autonomy, relatedness and competence) that are essential for well-being and psychological development. In this framework, it was aimed to examine the relationship between basic psychological needs and aim of Facebook use. This research was carried out by using descriptive survey model with data from 606 individuals who use Facebook. The results of this research showed that there are significant relationships between subscales (for social interaction-use with the aim of communication, use with the aim of acquaintance, use with the aim of education) of Aim of Use of Social Network Sites Scale and basic needs satisfaction (autonomy, relatedness and competence). Furthermore Facebook using time differs significantly according to aim of use of social networks subscale (social interaction-use with the aim of communication and use with the aim of acquaintance). But Facebook using time doesn’t differ significantly according to levels of basic psychological needs satisfaction.