S. Demigha1, C. Balleyguier2

1University of Paris 1 - Sorbonne, CRI (Centre de Recherche en Informatique) (FRANCE)
2Department of Radiology, Institute of Gustave Roussy (Villejuif) (FRANCE)
This paper describes methodologies, tools and techniques for the development of an e-learning system in radiology-senology based on Information and Communication Technology for Education (ICTE). The system ELMS-RS (e-Learning Management System in radiology-senology) is a software platform of the training management for breast cancer screening. It allows radiologists-senologists in training to learn through an effectiveness and modern tool via internet and the expertise of the expert radiologists-senologists. It will assure an online training content for the junior radiologists-senologists by providing them quality information and knowledge.It will enhance traditional learning, support existing teaching methods and will be accessed anytime, anywhere.The radiology-senology field is very complex and needs a particular study based on high and modern technologies. For the development of this system, we have selected the best, powerful and recent methodologies and techniques. This system is an extension of a previous system developed in the department of radiology of the Necker Hospital in Paris (France). We have found in the literature many systems in the e-learning technology in radiology and medicine but not in senology. In France, no system in senology has been implemented yet in hospitals or private healthcare enterprises. Our goal is to develop a generic tool in order to implement it in all the departments of radiology-senology of France. This system will help radiologists-senologists to perfom and improve their diagnosis. This will allow them to reduce the breast cancer and mortality.