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S. Demaeght de Montalay

HEC Marbella (SPAIN)
The academicals education of future hospitality managers is leading on a worldwide basis by a few International Hospitality Management Business Schools: around ten well-known private schools propose all around the world specialized BBA or BA in Hospitality Management with very similar programs.

The case study described in the present article can possibly provide strong alternative to this traditional system, not only by the higher academical level we reach during the experience but, also, by the highly significant learning aspect. Thanks to their integration into a business environment we will see how better students assimilate concepts but also understand them and will remember on a long term basis. The business environment integration will include business dress code, professional behavior obligations, classes in small groups around a meeting table instead of classroom configuration, exclusively cases studies teaching methods, high level of interaction during meetings and involvement into operating decisions. This way, will help to reduce the differences between theory and practice, students will have a better understanding of the links between academic concepts and the reality.

Thanks to quantitative methods and external professional observation, we will also analyze how this specific approach of education helps student to growth mentally and how it may sustain integration and overcoming for a student suffering of low learning disabilities or weaknesses.