E. Delle Donne, F. Fragasso

Pixel Associazione (ITALY)
The integration of social media tools in the framework of a dissemination strategy is a crucial element to the success of Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) projects. Social media are a reality that cannot be disregarded but their communication potential for LLP projects has not been exploited so far, due to lack of information on how to use these tools in the framework of a dissemination strategy and lack of visibility of good practices in the field, displaying what can be achieved in an LLP context through the use of social media. Although dissemination is a fundamental section of every LLP project proposal, there still are no guidelines on how to set up a coherent Internet strategy featuring social media tools for LLP projects.

In order to answer the needs outlined above, the Web2LLP project provides tailor-made training solutions and professional support for LLP project managers, in order to ensure the full integration of improved web strategies based on social media within existing communication plans. Through a customised bottom-up approach and the showcase of best practices participants will learn how to identify the most appropriate tools to disseminate their activities and results to target groups.

Target groups:
The target groups of the Web2LLP project activities are current and potential LLP project managers.
The conference participants will have the opportunity to:
• access all the information and material collected so far and available on project website
• get the information about all the educational material currently developed in the framework of the project
• take part to a network of subjects interested in the use of social media for dissemination purposes in the framework of LLP projects

The Web2LLP partnership carried out a needs analysis based on a desktop research and on interviews with project managers who actively use social media. On this basis the partnership is developing educational material meant to provide LLP project managers with a broad overview of the ways in which web strategies & social media can effectively be used in LLP communication plans. A training course based on the educational material developed will be available both on-line (delivered in English, French and Italian using a web conferencing tool) and face-to-face (delivered through a one-week-long session in English). Video tutorials for self-directed learning purposes will be developed and delivered on-line. 27 videos in English, French and Italian will be produced. The topics of the video tutorials will be linked to the contents developed by educational material.

Main results:
• Identification of barriers for dissemination of LLP outcomes and the role of social media in facilitating their deployment, achieved through online survey and desktop research.
• Preparation of training materials including free, downloadable practical guides and methodological tools to facilitate exploitation of LLP projects’ results through social media and web strategies, in English, French and Italian.
• Preparation of a series of tailor-made training sessions in English, French and Italian for current LLP projects, with the aim of strengthening their impact.
• Self-paced training material for current beneficiaries and future LLP applicants and interested users.
• A digital showcase of LLP projects that display optimal use of web strategies involving social media, enriched by short interviews with their developers.