E. de la Poza, N. Guadalajara, M.A. Alcaide, I. Bartual

Universitat Politècnica de València (SPAIN)
The e-learning of a Master’s program is primarily based on the development of an useful computer tool that allows the student has access to the information and also provides feedback to the lecturer about the students’ learning process. In this context, a computer platform becomes the way to ease the management of an e-learning Master’s program.
From its beginnings the INECO (Center for Economic Engineering) has supplied post-graduate education to those professionals capable to combine both their professional careers and education. In the first year of the Master (1998), the channel of communication was the post office; along the time the Master has applied computer platforms. Since the scholar year 2008-2009 the Master has implemented the platform from the UPV, the PoliformaT. Thus, the e-learning platform PoliformaT is applied by INECO in its Masters: Master in Real Estate Sciences and Master in Valuation.
In this paper we implement a SWOT analysis of the PoliformaT as an e-learning platform for Post-Graduate education from the perspective of the management of a Master what implies a different perspective than the overview a student or even a Masters’ lecturer can develop. The aim of this paper consists of providing remarkable information about possible improvement areas from the analysis of the system.