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E. de la Poza, J. Domenech

Polytechnic University of Valencia (SPAIN)
The European Space for Higher Education (EHEA) involves important changes to several issues within the teaching methodology to be applied in the new degrees. Changes to the teaching methodology inevitably will imply changes in the evaluation methodology. In new assessment systems, continuous assessment will prevail over exclusively final evaluation. This paper describes an experience of how Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are successfully used to implement a continuous assessment methodology.

In this experience, the students were requested to prepare all the contents of the course collaboratively. To do so, a wiki system was set up with the structure of the course. Since all of the pages on the wiki have an associated page history, it was very easy to keep track of the contributions made by each student.

At the end of the course, a survey evaluating the proposal was conducted. Its results revealed that ICT, and specifically the wiki system, contributed positively to the motivation of the students towards the subject. These results encouraged us to keep on experimenting with the use of ICT within the new teaching methodology context.