B. De Angelis, L. Vitale, P. Botes

Università Roma Tre (ITALY)
In the contemporary educational context, through changes and innovations, a problem of great interest is taking shape: the effectiveness of a formation developed through the practices of creativity. Aesthetical experience (P. Ricoeur, 1997), through various artistic forms (music, cinema, figurative arts, poetry, etc.) triggers a heuristic trial of rispecchiamento (reflection) that permits the human self to identify oneself through the work of art.

In the Italian educational system, nevertheless, the attention granted to the creative experiences is still to this day unsatisfactory compared to the attention given to the education of the rationality.

The research project hereby proposed comes from the need to give more space to the education of creativity in the accademic formation and training of future educators and teachers.

With this in mind, the research aims:
- to inquire the prospects of creative experience and training, in particular, its use in training teachers who need to acquire solid skills and reflective attitudes to satisfy today's socio-cultural situation;
- to start considering the need to give more space to creativity in the academic formation;
- to contribute to the debate taking place in the European Community, which intends to define creativity as a goal for education and training in the social field.
In conclusion, we believe that stating explicitly and discussing the concepts of the education of creativity is not only a part of our research project but also a competence to acquire in the professional teaching role during the university coarse of studies.