Y. Davletkaliyeva1, B. Muldasheva2, G. Sarsenbayeva3, Z. Kuzhagulova3, A. Kerimberdina3

1Part of the join stock company "National Training center "Orleu" Aktobe Institute for the development of leadership and research pedagogical studies (KAZAKHSTAN)
2Chromtau Mining and Technical College (KAZAKHSTAN)
3Branch "Center of pedagogical measurements", JSC Nazarbayev Intellectual schools (KAZAKHSTAN)
The article presents the material on the results of the authors’ scientific and pedagogical research.
The aim of the research is the development and practical approbation of the technology of Mind Mapping and its influence on the cognitive development of schoolchildren. The subject of the study is the content and organization of the technology of Mind Mapping.

A modern schoolchild must be able to independently acquire knowledge, apply them in practice to solve various problems, work with various information, analyze, generalize, critically think, and seek rational ways to solve problems. The development of these abilities can be achieved if you activate the thinking process in learning. The universal tool for development of thinking abilities is the technology of Mind mapping: the method of creation and application of educational intelligence cards. This technology is based on the research of the English psychologist T. Byuzen and the Russian professor M. Bershadsky. For several years, we conducted research on the use of the mind-mapping technology at lessons in general schools in Kazakhstan. The results of the research showed the effectiveness of this technology in the educational process.

All participants of the study: students, teachers have taken positive changes. Mind mapping technology promotes cognitive development of the individual, mental abilities, intellect. There is a vast development of all types of mental processes, such as perception, memory, the formation of concepts, problem solving, imagination, logic. Also, speech, communicative skills, creativity are actively developing, universal learning activities are formed: the ability to learn. Mind mapping technology opens up wide opportunities for people's orientation in various subject areas, integration of the gained knowledge, and helps self-development and self-improvement of schoolchildren.